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Nobody´s Place/Nowhere´s Map

Nobody´s Place/Nowhere´s Map is a collaborative art project that seeks to explore situated –or site-specific– questions of crisis, resistanceand becoming, through the creation of a political fiction that takes the shape of a multi-layered map in-the-making. Each strata of the map has its own materiality and texture, yet they all –text, graphic and video– emerge and develop through the interaction with each other, that is, through a mutual feeding that enables the actual growth of the map. The text above […]

Your father’s love was always strong ?

77cm x 70cm – oil on canvas 2018


2 x 20cm X 24cm

My faceless beloved

Oil on Wood  –  24cm x 20cm  

Landscape V

44cm X 40cm oil on canvas 2018


2  x 24cm X 20cm oil on canvas 2018

This is a poem

11 x 20cm x 12cm Small scale installation oil on wood 2017

Landscape’s I

66cm X 60cm Oil on canvas 2017


Mini Polaroid 2017

Self portrait

5 x Mini Polaroid