Polish- Greek artistic workshops FREEDOM !

what the past tells the future? – reflection on the contemporary meaning of the term Freedom in reference to history and the present approach covering many levels. Organizer – Art Academy in Athens, Polish Embassy in Athens patronage Conducting – Pedagogues of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź Participants- ASFA and ASP Łódź Students //Historical context: Both countries – Poland and Greece will celebrate the anniversary of regaining of their independence. In 2018 Poland will celebrate the 100th anniversary of regaining of its sovereignty and Greece is approaching the celebrations of the 200th anniversary in 2021.

Coordinated By George Stamatakis
Curated by Odette Kouzou

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For both countries these events are very important and build their own history and identity. Nowadays, in European countries, the concept of freedom expands its meaning. Young people living in the 21st century understand the meaning of freedom differently – they are born in free countries, they are part of a united Europe, they have access to free media, ease of communication and mobility, the possibility of creative expression and are constantly active on social platforms. Can the young people appreciate the concept of freedom? Are we really free in the age of advanced technology? This questions will be asked to the participants of the workshops – students of both universities. From literally understood freedom, we move to the reflection of freedom in other aspects of the life of a prosperous society, thus in fine arts and design. Together, we want to reflect on the freedom of the artist or a designer in the times of consumerism and corruption with various conditions from political to religious. What risks do the celebration of freedom in the spirit of unbalanced, fast design bring to the future? Can an artist have an impact on the Freedom of future generations? //PURPOSE OF WORKSHOPS: / Presentation of artistic achievements and many years of design traditions of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. / Exchange of artistic experiences of both universities, mutual learning of working methods, establishing relationships between Polish and Greek students. / Artistic work and interpretation of the assumed topic. Presentation of the work carried out during the workshops.

Athens School of Fine Arts (basement) Peiraios 256, 18233 Athens

ARTISTS : Anna Nikolaidi – George Chatzivasilis – Yukari Sakata – Antonis Vasilakis – Pola Zart – Artemis Orfanidou – Karolina Zlocka – Dimitrios Antoniou
Celia Rancelot – Marilia Kolibiri – Diocles Laime – Kyriakos Mitropoulos – Dimitrios Claudio Badourakis

Teacher : Maria Wiatrowska / Teacher Izabela Walczak / Professor : Małgorzata Czudak


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