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What you always take in when you encounter George Stamatakis’ work is the feeling of something familiar and the recollection of a personal experience or memory. We could argue that his installations are built in the same way that a society’s collective memory is built. Consisting of individual artworks which draw inspiration from a personal stimulus, they turn out to be complete suggestions that refer to universal experiences, memories and emotions.

We may witness his personal perspective of things, but at the same time we can relate to the stories he narrates and engage emotionally in his work. After all, Stamatakis’ fundamental goal is the surfacing of an experience’s memory and the emotion it triggers for us. It is worthy of our attention how a series of independent works ultimately adds up to a whole which points to an obvious collective experience, because isn’t that one of art’s main reasons of existence?

The condition mentioned above is achieved not only through the selection of his work’s concept, but also through the selection of his artistic means and techniques. His constant progress and the incorporation of elements from the historical imprint of various cultures, enhance the ability of the viewer to relate to his work, while preserving his skilful thoroughness and personal idiom.

Galini Lazani Athens, June 2019

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